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  • Milly Cairns

How to Choose a Pot that Compliments Your Plant

There are 4 important elements to consider to find your perfect pot.

Choosing a new plant pot may seem easy, but contrary to popular belief, style isn't the only thing to consider. Of course, the pot you choose should complement the aesthetics and houseplants of your home or apartment, but it's also important to consider drainage, size, and material when making your selection. Choosing a pot for your new houseplant is all about the health and longevity of your new houseplant.

“Do you have a pot in mind for your new baby? Important factors to consider : drainage, material, size & style.

First of all, we are so happy about your new houseplant. It comes with so many benefits and at the end of the day they make us feel good. Moreover, it's time to choose the perfect match.


Drainage is for sure an element to consider when choosing pots for a new happy plant. Many people have decided to buy pots that have suitable holes in the bottom. In that way we avoid issues like the water not draining freely and the roots not having enough access to air. In some cases, this can lead to over watering and life-threatening complications such as root rot, leaf yellowing, and fungal and mold growth. If you're going for this route, I would recommend also to purchase a tray to sit underneath the pot which will seize all standing water. Of course, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy pots that don't have holes in them. (I personally have many pots without drainage holes myself!). You just need to be extra careful and learn to keep your plant's roots out of water… Additionally, if you're going to buy a pot without these holes, you can build your own drainage system within the measures of the pot. Drainage rocks or lava rocks can be purchased for that matter.


In most cases, all plants thrive and grow in terracotta/ceramic pots, which are porous and dry more evenly than plastic or from wood materials.

However, some plants require a very specific kind of pot. Orchids are a great example. They need very little soil and have very specific rooting conditions, so they should not be planted in regular pots. There are pots specially designed for orchids. I would suggest you to look at the pros and cons of each material provided by the Spruce in this link.


When you buy a pot from any plant nursery, we usually refer them in inches. This is not about the plant but rather the diameter of the pot that the plant will be installed. For example, a 6 inch pot is 6 inches wide across the top of the container. Now, in terms of choosing a perfect size for your houseplant, we recommend having a pot that is at least 1-2 inches more than the size of your plant. This rule applies for plants that will be in a 10 inch pot or smaller. If your plant will require a bigger pot larger than 10 inches than I would go for 2-3 inches more than the size of your plant.


This last section is mostly up to your desired taste and needs for your household. Generally, we recommend choosing a design or colour that goes along with the overall aesthetic of your home. You want your pot and plant to complement your surroundings. Moreover, you can go for simple colours like grey, black, blue, pink or more complex like charcoal, slate, indigo. A mix of colours can also be very pretty.

All in all, we're so excited for your new plant baby. Of course, plant parenthood comes with it's proper care and dedication. If you're interested in buying a new pot, you also can check out our store called Plant Terra, located in the Bay Area in Castro Valley and Hayward. Give us a call if you have any doubts or questions.

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