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Is There Such a Thing as Too Many Plants...?

Discover the latest addition to your growing plant collection

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From Seed to Bloom

With our exquisite collection of imported indoor plants, we proclaim to be ‘One of a Kind Plant Boutique’, that is deemed to be loved, nurtured and sure to be visited. 
From calatheas, frizzle sizzles, ivy to hoyas, triostars and monsteras, our shop fosters them all.
If you are looking for begonia, peperomia, fern, alocasia, sansevieria or maranta, just let us know! 
We have all of these and so much more. 
Feel free to contact us regarding your plant requirements and we will get them delivered to add spruce to your indoor jungle today


Here at Plant Terra, we help you get the best out of your precious plants.

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Plant Repotting

If you find that your plant needs room to thrive, we're here to help. A refresh of quality soil will also be done. Trust us, your plant will look happier and healthier. In terms of aesthetics you're also getting the right LOOK.

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Plant Consultation

We want your plants to grow and flourish! Let us know the lighting in your space and the level of plant care that fits your lifestyle. Need some pet or kid-safe suggestions? We got you! Call us or come in at the shop for a FREE Consultation.


Custom Arrangements

Plants are truly inspiring and unique because they add so much value to our lives. With air-purifying qualities & beauty, they are the perfect gift for the people that you appreciate! Get the plant, the pot & the stand. GET THE LOOK. Our arrangements are available in-store. Feel free to ask!

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