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Gorgeous full 4” pot with vibrant lady valentine. This Chinese evergreen is overflowing with cheer and happiness with its reds, pinks and green molted leaves.

Care Requirements :

* Easy care plant

* Bright indirect light

* Water when soil is almost dry, when leaves show first sign of wilting is best time to water

* Keep away from drafts

* Good draining soil rich in organic matter and nutrients

*toxic to pets

* Use distilled water when watering

* use organic soil matter with high nutrient content

This plant will help put a smile on your face with it’s gorgeous colored leaf.

Aglaonema Lady Valentine

$29.99 Regular Price
$23.99Sale Price
  • Available for pickup after 48 hours after ordering

    Call for special consideration on orders and rush pickup.

  • Choice of pot colors are, pink, white, gray, sage, black

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