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The vibrant Magenta/Red veins throughout this full 4” pot will surely put a smile on your face. This showy plant can be grown alone or try planting it with similar care needed plants in a container.

Care Requirements:

* Medium care plant

*Water moderately and keep soil moist but not soggy

* Bright indirect light

* Avoid drafts

* Thrives with higher humidity

* Pet safe

* Use distilled water when watering

* organic potting matter with high nutrients

This nerve plant brings a bit of color and joy to the room. Native to tropical environments, it does appreciate higher humidity levels with a warmer air temperature that promotes its bright red veins throughout the dark green foliage.

Fittonia Nerve plant

$29.99 Regular Price
$23.99Sale Price
  • Curbside pickup is available within 48 hours of ordering. Call for special considerations and rush pickup.

  • Choice of colors on pot are, pink, white, sage, gray, black

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