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This beautiful 3” syngonium will start out small and compact but has the potential to become a prolific grower. Don’t be afraid to prune these amazing growers, as they love to be tamed and will become fuller plants when trimmed back. You can train this plant to grow just the way you want it too. Allow it to vine and grow aerial roots, or keep it trimmed back for a fuller compact look.

Care requirements

* Easy Care plant

* Low light tolerant

* Will grow virtually anywhere in your home

* Allow soil to partially dry out between waterings

* Soil that allows water to drain.

* toxic to pets

* use distilled water when watering

* use organic potting material with lots of nutrients

Syngonium “Strawberry pink”

$14.99 Regular Price
$11.99Sale Price
  • Curbside pick up available within 48 hours of ordering. Please call for immediate availability and consideration of rush pickup.

  • Choice of colors, pink, white, gray, black, sage.

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